Voluntario Viena La Rueda

Álex Gómez,


" Tell me and I forget it, teach me and I remember it, involve me and I learn it"

- Benjamin Franklin

Cataluña, España

My experience as a volunteer at La Rueda - Vienna

Teaching assistant, translator


Hello! I am Álex, I am 18 years old and I came from Barcelona to participate as a volunteer in this Kindergruppe with the motivation of integrating myself into a multicultural project just like this one, in which children grow up surrounded by understanding, freedom and creativity.

From a very young age I have always been very curious about languages ​​and bilingual education (as such, I grew up in a bilingual educational environment with Catalan and Spanish) and for this reason I was attracted to this project, because from the beginning it unites cultures and languages ​​together with the development of the children in a friendly and understanding environment.

Since I came to Vienna I have been able to enjoy an open, dedicated and loving environment in this Kindergarten that has helped me to connect with children as well as with my co-workers perfectly. Even over time, I have reached a point where I feel like I am constantly learning thanks to the wisdom that children share with us which only motivates me more and more to improve and help in any way I can. I can only wait until this adventure continues to fill me and teach me until the end.