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New volunteer at La Rueda Wasnergasse and Klosterneuburgerstraße.

Hello dear families!


My name is Amelie Schachinger and I am 19 years old. I have just moved from "Upper Austria" to Vienna to do my voluntary social year at La Rueda kindergarten and gain many new experiences.

Why did I want to do my FSJ in a daycare center and why did it end up being The Wheel? It's easy to answer...


Teaching Assistant at La Rueda 2.0

I have been surrounded by children all my life, as I have younger siblings and many small children in the family.

Also, my mother was a daycare assistant and often took me to her daycare, so I became more familiar with the environment.

I have always loved doing things with children and seeing the world through their eyes. You can learn a lot from them and at the same time they can learn from me, which I find especially nice.

La Rueda kindergarten excited me from the beginning and from the first day I knew that it was the kindergarten where I wanted to spend a year. There is a very harmonious atmosphere both among the children and among the teachers. Also, the concept of a bilingual nursery made me immediately curious, because I studied Spanish at school, so while I learn to work with children, I improve my Spanish.

A little more about me: I am very creative and draw my strength from many different things. My biggest passion is singing and writing songs. I also like to draw, read, decorate and spend my days in nature. 

I am so excited to bring my creativity to kindergarten and to grow and learn with the children this year.

I'm glad to meet you,