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Anna Steinberger,
Volunteer at La Rueda edition 2021/2022

"In my spare time I do circus gymnastics (trapeze and acrobatics), I read a lot, I go cycling (also on vacation) and I like to unleash my creativity.

Doing crafts with children, reading books together, philosophizing, just spending the day together fascinates me. I can always learn something new from their way of getting to the bottom of things and asking questions, from their openness and curiosity with which they discover the world. "

Vienna, Austria

What role does Anna play in La Rueda?

Pedagogue assistant

My name is Anna Steinberger, I will soon be 19 years old and I live in Vienna with my parents and my little brother. 
I'm already glad to do my year of volunteering at La Rueda, this next school year.

Why La Rueda? I have wanted to work with children for a long time since I finished high school. On several occasions in recent years I have helped in different Naturkindergarten .  

When I discovered the La Rueda website, I was immediately enthusiastic about the concept, sustainability and creativity are the main priorities, and I also find the possibility of growing up bilingual in a group of children great. La Rueda offers me the opportunity to rediscover Spanish, my favorite subject at school, in a completely different context than my school time.  

On the test day in early June, I was able to meet the children and the instructors. The warmth with which they welcomed me once again confirmed my decision to volunteer at La Rueda.

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