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"I really enjoy working with children. Children always give you a reason to smile, even if you might not feel like it at the moment. It gives me great pleasure to see how the children develop over the time that I can spend with them. I enjoy every minute. During my service, I was able to find that learning is mutual. Not only am I trying to bring my values ​​closer to the children, but there are so many things that we adults can and should learn from the children. Every day the children show me how beautiful life is and I only remember a few days when I didn't leave work with a smile on my face."


My experience as a volunteer at La Rueda - Vienna


Pedagoge auxiliar


Hello my name is Bente. I am 19 years old and currently work at “La Rueda” through the European Solidarity Corps as a volunteer. After school I decided that I would like to use the time to work for a year. My intention was to gain as much new experience as possible, to grow personally and to be certain about my desired career.

I was often asked why I did my voluntary service (as a German) in Vienna and that I did not go to another country. My answer to this is always that I immediately liked the “La Rueda” project so much that I simply chose the project regardless of the country. It was clear to me beforehand that my EVS should have something to do with the Spanish language and I am very happy that it worked. Also, I've never been to Austria before and had no idea what the country's capital might be like.

I've always been very interested in working with people. At school I had a lot of fun doing a variety of tasks, such as a tutor or mediator. As a result, I was already very interested in the topic of "pedagogy". This interest was strengthened by my colleagues, who always give me an insight into their pedagogical methods. I also see myself working with children on my further professional path, because they simply fascinate me and I enjoy being part of their development.

I am very grateful to be able to do my voluntary service at La Rueda and to grow myself through every opportunity that this offers me.