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"Stand aside for a while and leave room for learning, watch carefully what the children are doing, and then, if you understand correctly, perhaps the teaching will be different this time."

Loris Malaguzzi


An experiential teaching method that has to do with the commitment of all members of the educational community in teaching children, to get them to strengthen ties of communication with the world.

Named after the Italian town where it originated in the 1970s, the Reggio Emilia Methodology is an innovative teaching system. It was developed by the pedagogue Loris Malaguzzi, who introduced art in kindergartens, arguing that students learn through observation so that they can finally develop their own creative projects.

In the Reggiano principles prevails "the pedagogy of speaking by the pedagogy of listening". Thus, it is an educational philosophy elaborated by the people who are part of the daily education of children: parents, educators, teachers, artists and, the children themselves.

The natural environment is incorporated, as far as possible, in all educational activities; and languages ​​are the tool for the development and understanding of the world around them.


Learning German and Spanish at the same time, fusing cultures, expressions, visions, ideals. Comparing identities and developing your own. Enriching vocabulary and communication.

Opening horizons to new worlds.

Reflecting on the family constellation itself, being this a source of inspiration.

Workshops for learning the German and Spanish language. Language and Literature in both languages. From the study of grammar to literary development. Teamwork, projects on language.

The creation of stories, narrations, songs and theatrical pieces.


Thinking through dialogue, cooperative research, the exchange of ideas and thoughts, all based on personal suggestions caused by reading stories and questions, such as: Where do people come from? What is a friend?

This is how you start to start a topic.

Our philosophical gatherings are characterized by their exchange, by their development of communication skills and of knowing how to dialogue and know how to listen, for sharing values ​​and ideals as well as a method and a specific attitude of respect for others and freedom.

Development of the day

Opening 7:30

9:30 first round: we greet, sing, dance and talk about ourselves and our day.

10:30 workshop

13:00 lunch

15:00 workshop

What we are we owe it to affection. The days of our lives happen thanks to affection
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