1st. mixed age class for children between 5 + and 10 years old. Possible start: September 2020!

Do you have interest in our school? Contact us to receive information:


Email grosses-schiff@grosses-schiff.org

Tel. (In Spanish) +43 650 640 78 91 Ivana Reyero

Tel. (Auf Deutsch) +43 660 24 60 275 Hartwig Imlinger


In September 2019 we will hold a briefing at WUK: Währingerstrasse 59, 1090 Wien.

La Rueda bilingual school

At La Rueda children are valued and encouraged to explore their curiosity. We motivate the creative spontaneity of each girl / boy and their natural desire to express themselves.

The pedagogues take a role of companions and guides.

The school offers a multilingual program and is open to all children.

Its educational concept has 5 pillars:

1. Reggio's social development, bilingualism and pedagogy:

Language as a gateway to the world of understanding, in German and Spanish. Applying the concept of "philosophizing with children" and Reggio pedagogy as a source of work.

2. Sensory integration and movement:  

Moto-pedagogy as a priority channel of expression and sense exercises as a daily and continuous focus on development.

3. Artistic-creative development: attending to the spontaneity of each child and his natural communicative need. Facilitating the various forms of expression such as painting, music, dance, theater, etc. Opening and giving new and free spaces for creative expression.


4. Connection with nature and culture:

The proximity to the Augarten and the Prater open direct access to nature, its seasonal changes, colors and diversity. Projects on flora and fauna, biology and biodiversity. Visits to the theater, museums, cultural centers, libraries, etc. as well as participation in festivals throughout the year. Pachamama, solstice, end of the year and carnival festivities.


5. Diet and nutrition:  

We promote of a healthy and varied diet, cooking every day with organic, fresh and seasonal products and involving the children.


Ivana Reyero

Co-founder and pedagogical director of the association:

Großes Schiff

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