Irene Lainez Vidorreta,

Pedagogical assistant of La Rueda - multilingual kindergarten

"I really enjoy the time I spend here with the children and my colleagues"


"The teaching that leaves its mark is not the one that is transmitted from head to head, but from heart to heart"

-Howard G. Hedricks


Vocational training

Elementary education teacher and kindergarten monitor

I volunteered (European Solidarity Corps) in 2019, teaching Spanish to the children of La Rueda "Das sich drehende Rad 22".

It was a magnificent experience for me because I studied Early Childhood Education (teacher of children between 0 and 6 years old) in my country. Therefore, I was able to put into practice everything I had learned and, at the same time, discover how it is the best way to teach another language to children.

The things I like to do are spending time with family and friends, travel to other places, go for walks, read books, go on long road-trips, have a coffee alone and enjoy watching people walk ... But my favorite hobby is learning from others.