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new volunteer


My name is Jasmin Högler, I am 18 years old and I live with my parents and my two cats in Vienna, Stammersdorf.

After 12 years of school and finishing my Matura in June 2022, I would like to take some learning time before starting my studies and take this opportunity to take a look at the world of work. That is why the decision to make a voluntary social year.

Teaching Assistant at La Rueda 2.0

In my free time, I love artistic gymnastics and I have also been training children of different ages in this sport for about three years. This passion has sparked my interest in education. Rediscovering the lightness of life with children particularly fascinates me.

Since I studied Spanish at school for four years, I enjoy creativity, I love spending my time in nature and I have fun working with children, I am very happy to have the opportunity to gain new experiences at La Rueda. And I love the concept of sustainability and language development of this kindergarten.

I am very excited for this coming year and I hope we will have a wonderful time together.

See you soon,

Jasmine :)