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Juana Álvarez,

Substitute pedagogue de La Rueda - multilingual kindergarten

"Let the children fly and leave their tracks. You are the OBSERVER, that with the magnifying glass of experience, your steps follow and guide their path.

It is of utmost importance to me to recognize and incentivize the child's interests and abilities in time. Group activities and especially individual learning are an essential part of my pedagogical work. I choose the appropriate form of teaching taking into account the content, age and level of development of the child.


Children differ in their development, learn in different ways, and have their own learning rhythm. For this reason, I offer each child the necessary time and space to test and expand their abilities in all areas of development: language, cognition, fine and gross motor, social-emotional, etc. I regularly repeat a theme already seen individually and playfully in order to reinforce what I have learned. Repetition, deepening in a topic and broadening of knowledge are essential components of learning. I offer children a large collection of educational games that cover all ages and all areas of development. "

Vocational training

Composer, administrator, Spanish teacher and kindergarten monitor

In my school days I wrote and recited poems. That talent I have continued to develop to this day. Singing and rhyming encourage language development and help to learn terminologies. Currently I compose children's songs in Spanish and German that are very useful for the topics to be covered.


I studied English and French at the Ricardo Palma University in Peru. My passion for working with children was manifested already in my adolescence. I taught private classes in all subjects. It was a real feeling of satisfaction for me to make a child smile.


I studied three professional training courses in Austria: Office Clerk, Hospitality Clerk specialized in restaurants and a study for a gastronomy manager. I studied Gastronomy Instructor, joyfully supporting the students in their learning process for many years. I also taught 8 years of Spanish classes at the Volkshochschule-Liezen. In 2013 I did the training for Kindergruppenbetreuerin and in 2017 I finished the 5 semesters of children's pedagogy. I also passed the ice skating test that authorizes me to skate with children.


I am very happy working at La Rueda. It is not only an institution that works with children, but also a large family that has understanding and a word of encouragement for each one, a good requirement for the quality of our pedagogical work. My greatest wish is that each child in our Kindergruppe “La Rueda” continues to develop at their own pace, in a pleasant learning environment with various stimuli and new things that they can always discover.



Let the children fly

And let them leave their tracks

You are the OBSERVER

That with the magnifying glass of experience

Your steps you follow

And you guide their way.


- Juana Alvarez -