The Wheel 20.2

Klosterneuburgerstraße 4 in 1200 Wien

Educational director: Ivana Reyero
Gestión in Situ: Claudia de Alba

Wheel 20.2 is our youngest group. It exists since 2019 and we were able to create a space inspired by the teaching of Emmi Pikler. It has a very creative, committed and loving team, made up of two men, two women and a volunteer, who care for and monitor 14 children in accordance with the concept and quality standards of La Rueda Kindergruppen .

Our own playground, the playground at Gaussplatz and the Augarten on the corner, are our outdoor spaces.

Meet our team!
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What we are we owe it to affection. The days of our lives happen thanks to afecttion.
Dalai Lama

All La Rueda groups are coordinated under the direction of our pedagogical director, in close contact for good team communication. Discover here the four gardens and their components:

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Infantes leyendo español
Paseos kindegruppe
Morgenkraise Kindergruppe Wien
Integración sensorial niños
Niño Montessori Guardería Viena
Cocinando con niños
La Rueda Morgenkreise
La Rueda niños