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Robert Reisner,

Pedagogue of La Rueda - multilingual kindergarten

"By exploring our world with children, as an adult you can always become an explorer and see all the exciting things in life through their eyes. This is just one reason why my job as a pedagogue in a children's group is so satisfying. Every day is a new day, and every child is a different individual! "


Vocational training

Kindergarten Monitor


I spend a lot of time in nature and I like outdoors activities, either climbing or walking. I am convinced that our children have better opportunities to discover themselves while being outdoors

Being able to experience the miracle of "life" up close with children is always fascinating! Exercising outside, in the forest or in green meadows is an essential element for the healthy growth of our children. In this way, you perceive the connection with our environment in the purest form and playfully learn the natural connections of life. Equally important to me is respectful, eye-level communication. Language connects. How it is received and shipped is essential. I love having exciting conversations with children or experiencing other forms of group interaction. Whether it's making music together, creating, acting, dancing, practicing gymnastics, or just playing.

During my training I developed a good metaphor to illustrate my role as an educator. There were many small boats to be seen. Discovery ships explored the vastness of the ocean. There was a great lighthouse on the shore. The boats were perfectly equipped to explore and whistle effortlessly through the water. However, when a storm struck, the boats turned to the lighthouse. He gave them security and showed them where the safe harbor was. And that's why I'm a passionate beacon for all those starving ships of discovery!

Since the beginning of 2019, I have been here in the group "La Rueda 22", after completing my training as a children's group supervisor, child minder, after-school assistant and kindergarten with distinction in 2017. I am currently attending a discussion course philosophical with children. I would like to complete an apprenticeship as a nature and forest educator this year as well as an "Indoor Sports Instructor / Climbing" - already scheduled for June 2020.