Do you want to work in our bilingual Kindergruppe?

In Großes Schiff we are looking for a team leader for one of our three groups in the bilingual La Rueda kindergartens .


What do we want and need from this position?

The new person on the team will have the following tasks:


  • The pedagogical implementation of our concept ( in close collaboration with the pedagogical director Ivana Reyero

  • Conduct the daily morning circles

  • Write the educational documentation through google docs.

  • Coordination of team meetings (once a month) and task list.

  • Coordination and implementation of development talks.

  • Management of parents' meetings.

  • Supervision of employee portfolio work as well as pedagogical work.

  • Organization of the weekly plan according to the educational concept of the children's groups in La Rueda.

  • Cash management.

  • Organization of MA 11 folders in cooperation with management.

  • Organization of attendance lists.


  • At least 3 years of professional experience as a children's group supervisor or kindergarten teacher.

  • Vocation and willingness to work with young children (1.5 to 6 years) and interest in cross-age pedagogy and innovative approaches (philosophizing with children, sensory integration, multilingualism, Reggio).

  • Interest in Latin American culture.

  • Flexibility and interest in working in an intercultural environment.

  • Enjoy music and arts education.

  • Joy and vocation when working with children.

  • Enjoy the organizational activities.

  • Motivation.

  • Interest in long-term cooperation.

  • Languages.

We offer:


  • A safe job in the employment relationship.

  • Payment in accordance with the Vereins Wiener Kindergruppen salary plan (above the minimum wage); for example, for a 30-hour week for a trained child group supervisor in the third year of service, a gross salary of € 1,836.68, depending on qualifications and experience.

  • Management bonus: € 108.20 per month

  • An exciting and intercultural work environment

  • An extremely good ratio of caregivers (for 14 children, at least 2 pedagogues).

  • Part-time employment: 20-30 hours,

  • Integration into a broader partnership with regular training offerings

  • Employee training

Email your requests to Ivana Reyero:

Los niños y el maestro en el jardín de i