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Paula Muñoz,

Pedagogue de La Rueda - multilingual kindergarten

"I consider it important that children have enough space to develop their creativity and offer them the opportunity to move naturally. Also, I believe that it is essential to promote independent play and that they can be developed in open environments. In this sense, I often take an active role in play with them.

On the other hand, I think that movement can find its expression in different ways, for example with dance, a discipline that I try to build with children on a daily basis. This, because they react very well to rhythmic movements and can obtain through dance a traditional form of expression. This is mainly reflected in the little ones, who are beginning to speak, who with this expression of movement make the frustration lessen and through this their confidence increases.

I also like to make crafts, sing and develop role plays with them, but above all, I try to take care of and promote the pure feeling of children in all their activities. "

Vocational training

Journalist, dance teacher and kindergarten monitor


I am Chilean and in 2008 I graduated from the Journalism career in Concepción- Chile.

In 2010 I graduated from a Master in Communication, Barcelona-Spain, and in 2015 as a dance teacher for children in Vienna. That same year I took the Childcare course at the Institute for Personal Development and Social Skills in Vienna.

I mean

I have been part of the La Rueda pedagogical team since autumn 2016.

I am married and a mother of two children.