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Rocio Canales,

Pedagogue of La Rueda - multilingual kindergarten

"Innate curiosity in infants should be used as a first step to start the learning process. But the learning that is tied to fun and enjoyable experiences is the best thing that can happen in kindergarten.

They always observe, ask, and deduce their own explanations. Their desire to know, EVERYTHING leads them to touch, smell, feel, taste (taste) different materials, shapes, consistencies; his interest in daily life, the weather, the actions of others, everything that happens around him is inexhaustible.


Our task as monitors / carers / teachers is to ensure that this interest is not lost, but on the contrary, that it is increasing.

In my opinion it is also important to form good habits and that they are reinforced when we change the routine precisely in order to arouse their interest.

I believe that the kindergarten should be a place with harmony and human warmth, that invites children and parents to return, and that teachers / monitors develop professionally as well as improve the quality of their work. "


Elementary education teacher and kindergarten monitor


I am born in the beautiful Mexico, graduated as a teacher in elementary education. I practiced my profession for 10 consecutive years, and I also completed my training with 2 years of educational psychology.


In Austria at the end of 2012 I did the training as a Kindergruppenbetreuerin at ABZ ANELI and I started my work as such in January 2013, and since then I have fully enjoyed my work, as it offers me new experiences, challenges and different learning.

I also actively participate in ongoing training courses for monitors / Kindergruppenbetreuerinnen.


My role as a learning facilitator is to promote the learning of the Spanish language within a meaningful framework, without neglecting the emotional part, promoting playful actions and the development of your social skills in an environment of respect and friendship.

Contributing to the training of happy, self-confident, independent and respectful infants with their environment is one of my goals as a teacher.


Good communication with parents is crucial for me, because a positive atmosphere makes work much easier. I am always ready to listen to constructive suggestions / criticism and to contribute ideas for the common good.


I like to support children's interest in various topics by contributing with creative materials and observing their reactions to new learning situations. I am glad to participate in artistic practices such as theater, dance and music, and to encourage children in their body skills.


I live in Vienna a little over a decade ago, I am the proud mother of a girl and I share my life with a wonderful man born in this land.


I am happy and excited to be part of the pedagogical team of the La Rueda kindergarten, where I contribute with a lot of motivation. As a mother I have participated with my daughter from the beginning in the children's program A la Rueda Rueda as well as in other activities and events of the Großes Schiff association .