Rocky Rasoly,
Volunteer at La Rueda edition 2021/2022

"I consider myself an educated and respectful person, always willing to learn. Although I am a bit shy, I like meeting new people and playing sports with friends.  

Family is very important to me and in the future I would like to form one. I am the youngest of 8 siblings, so I have always played with my nephews and I love spending time with the little ones. "


Rocky's role in La Rueda

Pedagogue assistant

Hi there! My name is Rocky Rasoly and I am 19 years old.

I will do my ESK, my service for the European Solidarity Corps, in the children's group of La Rueda. I was born on 11/15/2001 in Helmand, Afghanistan.  I have been in Austria for 5.5 years and I live in a shared flat in the 16th district. I have a brother in Austria who has 2 daughters here. One is 4 months old and another 4 years old. I spend a lot of time with my nieces and I really like them. In general I really like children.


My other family (5 brothers and 3 sisters) lives in Afghanistan. I am the younger brother. In Afghanistan, I attended a technical school for three years when I was 11 years old. Since I have been in Austria, I first attended German courses up to level B1. I finished compulsory education at the transitional level and then spent a year in business school and half a year in evening classes.  

My strengths are:

I am always polite and respectful, I always accept my tasks and I am always open to new things. Punctuality is very important to me, I also like a precise way of working, my tasks must always be delivered on time and with precision. As I am very good with my hands, it is easy for me to understand and learn new things, I am always looking forward to facing new challenges.  

As weak points I would say that I am a somewhat shy person, but for important conversations I always have my ears open. I always try to make friends with new people. I try to stay busy in a meaningful way. I am also very athletic: I like to play soccer, swim and ride a bicycle. I also like to meet my friends and go to the movies or play pool with them.  

Having a good job and my own home is important to me. Family is also very important to me: I would like to have my own family.