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Sarah Prestel,

Pedagogue de La Rueda - multilingual kindergarten

"I consider that accompanying children as they grow is an important task for me both personally and socially. I am still a recently graduated pedagogue, but I assume this responsibility with conviction.

For me it is essential to treat the individuality and difference of each child with openness and acceptance. I would like to offer the children of the group a safe relationship and respond to them with sensitivity, because only on this basis is it possible to develop their education. My goal is to give them always the most possible autonomy, according to the motto: "Help me to do it myself".


Vocational training

Kindergarten monitor

In my pedagogical approach I am influenced by my own early educational experiences: I attended a Montessori primary school and an integrative secondary school in Ried im Innkreis, Upper Austria.

In late 2019, I began training as a child care supervisor at the Institute for the Development of Personality and Social Competence. I already completed an internship in the children's group La Rueda 20.2 in early 2020.

I also got my degree in Arts, English and American Studies from the University of Vienna in 2018.

I have a son who attends the children's group La Rueda 2.0.