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La Rueda

Bilingual Kindergartens and much more

"The wheel was for us the symbol of meeting, it symbolizes movement and it is what makes a structure walk or get into motion."


La Rueda aims to create a social, philosophical, creative and cross-cultural space for multilingual children. We want to offer them the opportunity to develop and combine their creative expressiveness with their linguistic capacity, interacting throughout music, dance, theater and art. We make it possible in our kindergartens, where we apply our concept as well as in workshops.

How do we put it into practice?

Our specialty is to treat children individually, encouraging their curiosity, boosting their confidence, giving limits and responding to their specific needs. We accept a maximum of 14 children, with at least 2 trained caregivers at all times (a care ratio of 1: 7, often 1: 4.7). These are our quality criteria.

Our team is large and extremely motivated, complementing each other. We pay our employees according to the contract of the Wiener Kindergruppen association (between 7 and 15% above the minimum wage and common in the sector). We cook fresh and mostly vegetarian.


Nature and excursions also play a major role in our pedagogical view: The Augarten, as well as the nearby playground on Viktor Kaplan Street, are the points of reference on which we orient ourselves. We introduced animal-based pedagogy with Mia and River, our two rabbits, in Wasnergasse. The children feed them with fresh lettuce and carrots every morning, looking forward to take care of them. 

We start with little children, around 1.5 years of age, until they're ready to join the primmary school. In the best case scenario, we keep on offering them workshops afterwards, throught the programm A La Rueda Rueda (every Thursday)

Our name and logo are loaded with meaning

Our origins

Children's workshops in Spanish in Vienna

La Rueda emerged in 2015, five years after the establishment of the A la Rueda Rueda children's program, an ifantil interdisciplinary artistic workshop in Spanish that has been held 10 years ago in WUK (Werkstätten und Kulturhaus), where our NGO Großes Schiff has its base.

As a result of this experience, the motivation to continue putting down roots in the pedagogical field arose.

The workshop at WUK, as well as the school, arose from the desire to create a social, philosophical, creative and transcultural space for multilingual children and their families, where they could interact through music, dance, theater and plastic arts . And with that to be able to give them the opportunity to develop and combine their creative expressiveness with their linguistic capacity.

From the need to meet and meet the different Spanish-speaking cultures and their reciprocal learning, thus giving us the possibility of rediscovering and differentiating ourselves through play and creative social interaction.

Ivana reyero
founder and pedagogical director

La Rueda is the shortened name of our program for children and their families at WUK, A la Rueda rueda, which was the one that introduced us to the public and gave us once this program started.

La Rueda was the name of a radio program for children and their families in southern Argentina, which existed in my childhood's friend with whom I started the program.

The name seemed appropriate to me since it suited the concept of the program: an annual cycle of meetings, consisting of dance, arts and music, which would be repeated and would not stop rolling.

La Rueda is also for us a symbol of meeting, something that we also aimed at with this program.

A La Rueda Rueda.jpg

It symbolizes movement and it is what makes a structure walk or go into motion.


And when I bend the thought in the image of a wheel, I immediately remembered a quote from Nietzsche, from his book Thus spoke Zarathustra:

"The child is innocence and oblivion, a wheel that spins spontaneously, a saint saying yes."

An invitation to the game, to curiosity, to the question and exploration.

Then we felt sure about the name and the search for it was over.

Then it was time to create a logo that represents us visually. A friend who is an artist and has experience in graphic design, tried ideas, investigated, explored a little and together we concluded that this logo was the one indicated: a wheel with three colors as brush-strokes that represent the three artistic disciplines which we wanted to create: music, dance, art and space. We put together art and space as an own artistic discipline; we unified it because for us it was important to make the difference between only plastic and plastic within a space or in relation to the space.


Ivana Reyero

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