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La Rueda Kindergarten Wien

Bilingual elementary education Spanish - German in Vienna


2 groups in the 20th district

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3 groups in the 2th district


preschool groups
green and multilingualen 

living with nature

As a result of the pandemic and the extended confinements since November 2020, we have been focusing on thegreen pedagogy.


We prioritize time outside, in parks, wild natural spaces, small urban forests and open areas. children meetmore in touch with naturethan usual, with all its advantages.


Of course, we have the same facilities, spacious and bright Reggio-inspired centers where we can take refuge when the weather is bad. 

Intercultural kindergartens

Ourbilingual mixed age groupswelcome children from 0 to 6 years old in a creative environment where they develop their language skills. The Spanish-speaking and German-speaking educators communicate in their native language so that children can enjoy all the benefits of multilingualism. from an early age. 


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