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La Rueda kindergartens

Enroll a child in one of the preschool groups

Would you like your little one to be part of our bilingual La Rueda kindergartens? Great! The procedure is simple:


1. Send us your interest : contact us by phone and / or email
2. Present the minor's information : full name, date of birth, home address ...
3. Then we will include you in a list (not yet binding for interested parties)
4. Personal meeting (it is very important to read the kindergarten page, as well as the Location - Hours - Price section and the pedagogical concept. You can easily access it with the buttons above or through the menu)
5. Test appointment with the child on a date closer to the desired time of entry
6. If everything has gone well, then we proceed with the transfer of the registration fee
7. We sign the supervision agreement.
8. The familiarization questionnaire must be completed on a date close to the beginning, already close
9. Concrete start in one of our groups La Rueda


Keep in mind that there are different modalities:

  • Whole day 

  • Partial

  • just late


It is possible that there is no space for the modality you want, in which case you can opt for the waiting list , since there can always be cancellations.

The places currently available to start immediately:

  • 2 at La Rueda Kloster

If there were any cancellation , we would give notice through the networks and in this section. 

Information about workshops, job opportunities or room rental

If you want to contact us for any other reason related to the activity of La Rueda, do not hesitate to send us an email. Remember that we organize rounds for babies in Spanish German as well as workshops, conferences, children's theater workshops ... It is also possible to rent the space to celebrate birthdays or join the team.

Ivana Reyero

Tel: +43 650 640 7891


Wasnergasse (20th district)
Klosterneuburgerstasse (20th district)
Herminengasse (district 2.)

Verein Grosses Schiff

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