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Opinions La Rueda

At La Rueda we appreciate the feedback from parents, families and collaborators because constructive criticism always helps to improve, in the same way that gratitude makes us feel that all the effort is worth it. Thank you very much for sharing with us!

Feedback through social networks !

But not only do we receive emails with emotional letters, dads and moms also share their opinion on the networks and send them to us. Many thanks!

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Opiniones sobre La Rueda.jpg

José, A. Father on the Wheel 2.0

Stefanie R, mother at La Rueda 2.0

Fernanda M, mother at La Rueda

La Rueda 2.0 is a precious jewel among groups of children💎

Our daughter not only found a place in kindergarten here, but also many new friends. As soon as your little brother is big enough, he'll go to La Rueda too.

Much care with a lot of heart: the team is unique and accompanies the children with great empathy in their own way and as a group of constantly growing friends. Also for us parents, there is always an open ear and understanding.

Room for individuality: my daughter is accepted as she is. Every child is different and that is good. At LA RUEDA there is time and space for it.

100% Bilingual: There is really BILINGUAL support here at the level of native speakers and that is a huge exception compared to other groups. The children often come from families with at least one parent who speaks Spanish, but there are only children who speak German. Here all children are understood.

Kids program: play, play, play :) And sing and dance and do crafts and paint and read and just be a kid.

My daughter started a couple of months ago in the group La Rueda. The stage to get used to it was very comfortable and gradual. Now the group is happy. I am happy because he speaks Spanish and German, he has many new friends, the facilities are very good and the caregivers are very affectionate. Highly recommended, especially for Spanish speakers who want to reinforce Spanish with their children;)

Love it!!! only good vibes !!!

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