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Internships in the La Rueda kindergartens

Contact in case of interest: Ivana Reyero

At La Rueda you have the possibility of  doing non-paid internships - curricular or extracurricular - in one of our kindergartens.

To have a general impression of our working method, at La Rueda we believe in solidarity, brotherhood and creativity. We highlight Dalai Lama's words, when he assured that affection and love mark our lives. We cannot agree more, and therefore we need people who are willing to give, share and support.

The pedagogues in our kindergartens are usually fluent in Spanish and German, since it is a great advantage when communicating with children. Understanding more than one language is important, although not mandatory. In any case, we try to form a varied team and there is always room for learning.

Most of our kindergroups are vegetarians, and the food is all organic. What is this about? At La Rueda we believe in sustainability and care for the environment, as well as healthy eating. Being a vegetarian is not a requirement, but this and other details conform our identity.

At La Rueda, the pedagogical proposal must be open and flexible enough, leaving room for spontaneity and improvisation. The child should not be limited, but quite the opposite: triggered to explore, to discover, free to imagine. We do not care about the result, but the process. You can find out more about our ethics and philosophy in the "work with us" section: if you like our method, come and learn!

Application process for internships

At La Rueda we can have up to 5 interns.


  1. Send us your CV and a motivation letter: studies? Experience with the little ones? Do you speak german or Spanish?

That would be enough, good luck and nice to meet you!

The intership tasks

The practitioners in La Rueda accompany and help the pedagogues in their daily lives as auxiliaries. In general, our pedagogues share these traits:

  • They organize a space where they sing, dance, create and explore. The ideal pedagogue prepares and arranges the body for play, movement and spontaneity.

  • They provide an open and flexible pedagogical proposal, giving room to spontaneity and improvisation.

  • He manages to make magic happen with some recycled materials, homemade crafting and from nature: be surprised and surprise us.

  • It does not give importance to the performance or effectiveness of a final result, but the mere fact of finalizing it.

  • The pedagogues develop their potential here with genuine vitality and empathy: marveling at each other. They work well as a team.

  • From a didactic point of view, a non-behavioral method is thought and promoted.

  • They conceive teaching as a way of learning.

  • They are equally committed to our educational approach and educational quality at work.

  • They are moved and identified with our concept and pedagogical approach, as well as our work philosophy.

The practitioner's profile

People interested in collaborating with us have to take into account that there is a lot of movement in a kindergarten. The pedagogues alternate the most educational tasks with the most mundane: you have to pick up toys, clean the rooms and wash the dishes too! Following the rhythm of the little ones requires a lot of energy, but nothing that cannot be achieved with the exact dose of motivation and affection: they give you as much as they receive, often unexpectedly.  

We give you two examples of people who were with us in practice:

Foto grupal Sarah.jpg

Sarah started her internship in November 2019, now she works with our new group !

Katia mascara Verena.jpg

Katia has been working in the Wasnergasse group for years , she also entered La Rueda as a practitioner!

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