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 W e l c o m e  t o  L a  R  u  e  d  a ,

Bilingual Kindergartens!

What we are we owe to affection. The days of our lives happen thanks to affection.
Dalai Lama

What defines our preschool groups ?

At La Rueda children are valued and encouraged to be curious.

Our main goal is to motivate the creative spontaneity of each girl/boy and their natural desire to express themselves.

The pedagogues fulfill a role of companions and guides.

The kindergartens offer a multilingual program and are open to all children.


Ivana Reyero, founding partner and pedagogical director

Our focus is on:


  • Philosophy for children

  • Gender and plurality

  • Environment and sustainability

  • Reggio's pedagogy

  • Sensory integration and psychomotrocity

  • Art and recycling

  • Theatrical and body expression

  • Music


We are open to donations, in order to ensure the continuity of this association. Every donation is going directly to the La Rueda Kindergruppen.


Any help is appreciated!

 S o c i a l  M e d i a   L a  R  u  e  d  a ,

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram

Aiming to increase communication and thanks to our volunteers team, we have created an account for La Rueda in some relevant platforms. What for?

Facebook: create community, fostering dialogue and exchange (surely, no repeated dish will appear at the next party!).

Instagram: here we want to share moments from our day to day in kindergartens, photos of crafts and much more (respecting the privacy of children).

• Twitter: communications in the pure Twitter style: short and to the point. We will cover events and notify you of any relevant changes or information.

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