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Welcome toThe Wheel 

kindergartens multilingual!

What defines our preschool groups ?

At La Rueda children are valued and encouraged to be curious.

Our main goal is to motivate the creative spontaneity of each girl/boy and their natural desire to express themselves.

The pedagogues fulfill a role of companions and guides.

The kindergartens offer a multilingual program and are open to all children.



What defines our preschool groups ?

Our focus is on:


  • Philosophy for children

  • Gender and plurality

  • Environment and sustainability

  • Reggio's pedagogy

  • Sensory integration and psychomotrocity

  • Art and recycling

  • Theatrical and body expression

  • Music

Kindergartensin vienna

Ivana Reyero, founding partner and pedagogical director

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La Rueda  - Kindegruppe district 20

Wasnergasse is the first group with which we started our  kindergartens. It is the most mature group, which is why more complex projects are carried out.


➜ Children between 3 and 6 years old

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La Rueda 20.2 Kloster - children's group

Rueda 20.2 is our youngest group. It has existed since 2019 and we were able to create a space inspired by the teaching of Emmi Pikler.

Children between 1.5 and 3 years

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New Hauswirtschaft group

A new group opening in 2024!

If you are interested in our concept...


Check if there is availability and the steps to request

➳ Free places

Find out more about our philosophy

➳ Philosophy The Wheel

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Niños felices

Want help us?

We are open to donations, in order to ensure the continuity of this association. Every donation is going directly to the La Rueda Kindergruppen.


Any help is appreciated!

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