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Chaco - Argentina (1976)

Ivana Reyero,

pedagogical director of La Rueda - multilingual kindergarten

"Dancing, singing, improvising and dialogue is what I like to do most with children. I understand our body as a musical instrument: we move when listening to a sound, that sound moves in us. This in the boy / girl is natural and spontaneous, starting from this base, I seek to motivate and develop body movement through rhythmic and choreographic games with songs, as well as through improvisation, performative-theatrical composition.


I have an 11 year old daughter and a 5 year old son. "

Promoting the child in his motor development from birth we transmit confidence and security not only physical but also psychic and emotional. Emotions pass through our body and our body needs to express them, that is why it is very important to give space and access to bodily and theatrical expression. Through play and imagination, improvise to reinvent characters, figures, stories and tales. Movement, coordination and rhythm is what I aim to develop, when playing with children.

Vocational training

Artist - Pedagogue - Project Management and Coordination, Co-founder of the Grosses Schiff association. Pedagogical director.


After finishing the baccalaureate in pedagogical orientation, she studied contemporary dance between Buenos Aires (Arg.), New York (USA) and Vienna, (Austria), the latter one is where she lives and works since 2003.
In the period 2000-2003 she developed as a pedagogue in the private sphere, giving classes in body expression and also voluntarily in the social sphere, such as being with pregnant adolescents in the CAINA, a day center for children and young people on the streets of the city of Buenos Aires. Aires.

In April 2010 she founded the Großes Schiff association with her husband in order to carry out socio-cultural, pedagogical and artistic endeavors. And in September of the same year it implements the interdisciplinary children's art program in Spanish A la Rueda rueda .

2011 - 13 she studies theater pedagogy at the IFANT Institute of Applied Theater that works in cooperation with Dschungel Wien, a theater for young people and children.

In 2011 begins the "migration and creativity" program in which we developed and conducted different workshops with and for Spanish-speaking migrant women.
2012-14 carries out the
Creativas project , subsidized by MA 57, Frauen Stadt Wien.
She currently directs the program MIGRATIVAS, voz y vision, a journalistic project (radio and magazine) with and for Spanish-speaking migrant women under the subsidy of MA 57, Frauen Stadt Wien and ÖH, Hochschüler_innenschaft an der Universität Wien.

2015 conducts training as a Kindergruppebetreuerin at ABZ ANELI in Vienna.
In May 2015,
La Rueda kindergarten was opened and since then she has been in charge of its pedagogical direction.

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