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La Rueda Kindergarten Mixed age group 2-4 years

The origin of this group goes back to La Rueda 2.0, our former Kindergruppe in district 2, located next to the canal. We opened it 2 years after starting La Rueda due to the growing interest of families.


After a long journey, we decided to move this mixed group of 1-6 year olds to Nordbahnviertel as part of our new Kindergarten. The team and our concept remain the same, as our idea is to continue with what has always been a close-knit and loving group ❤️.

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Bilingual mixed-age Kindergarten in the 2th district

Our new premises allow us to make use of the space for the mixed group - consisting of 2-4 year olds - to follow their own routine in symbiosis with the other groups (toddler group and pre-school group). Thus, the mixed group has breakfast and meets in a circle for its morning round every morning, after which it goes out to the park or for nature exploration in the occasional company of the other groups. Workshops on bilogy, theatre and movement usually take place in the morning.

Return for lunch, followed by "quiet time" or siesta with the baby group for those who need it. In the afternoon, more activities take place or they go out again.

It consists of a very creative, committed and loving team, made up of three women and a volunteer, who care for and monitor 14 children according to the concept and quality standards of La Rueda Kindergruppen .​

All La Rueda groups are coordinated under the direction of our pedagogical director, Ivana Reyero, in close contact for good communication and teamwork.

Schedules and modalities

It is open from Monday to Thursday from 7:00 a.m. to 16:00 and on Fridays from 7:30 a.m. to 15:00.

Precios Kindergarten (subsiduo MA 10 incluido)

It is cooked daily on the spot with fresh seasonal, organic and whole-grain products.

In the case of twins and/or brothers who need a place at the same time, there will be a discount.

Ful day (GT) - 415.- euros.

  • From opening time to closing time.

  • Includes breakfast, afternoon snack, lunch and excursions.

Part-time (TZ) - 405.- euros.

  • Until 14:00.

  • Includes breakfast, lunch, excursions and nap.

Half day in the afternoon - 200.- euros.

  • From 12:00 until closing time.

  • Includes Jause

Half day (HT) - 305.- euros.

  • Until 12:00.

  • Includes breakfast, lunch and excursions.

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Come meet us in the 20th district of Vienna

The group is located in an old building in the pure Viennese style. We have spacious, well-lit spaces adapted to our values (Montessori & Reggio). With a teaching team made up of native German and Spanish speakers, children thrive in a multilingual and diverse environment.
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Do you want to sign up or ask anything?

Check the general info at prices and modalities before please! 😉


Bruno-Marek-Allee 5 top 6, 1020 Wien



+43 650 640 78 91 Ivana Reyero

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