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Volunteering at La Rueda kindergartens


La Rueda gives you the opportunity to join the European Solidarity Corps, either by participating in a foreign project or as a volunteer in our kindergartens.


First of all, what is this project about? The EU proposes this initiative as a way for young people to collaborate on projects for the benefit of the community. In other words, young people between 18 and 30 years old can go on an adventure - national or international - to learn, contribute and develop personally. With a maximum duration of 12 months, the projects offer a wide range of possibilities: different themes, countries and concepts. Research on the European Youth Portal !

La Rueda - European Solidarity Corps host association

Volunteer application process

At La Rueda we welcome up to 4 volunteers annually. Perhaps you have been interested in the city of Vienna, our concept or education in general. In any case, if you are interested in collaborating with La Rueda, helping the pedagogue team, you just have to follow this process:

  1. Apply through E + Round Trip , remember to mention Großes Schiff as the "partner" who recommended you!

  2. Send us your CV and a motivation letter: what brings you here? Experience with the little ones? Do you speak german or Spanish?

That would be enough, good luck and nice to meet you!

The tasks of the volunteer in La Rueda

La Rueda volunteers accompany and help pedagogues in their day to day. As auxiliaries, they do not have direct responsibilities or participate in planning, but instead they have the opportunity to carry out their own creative projects. In other words, they come to tell us about their culture and experiences, helping out in kindergartens and learning as much as they can about the language and way of doing things here.

This last year, our volunteers wanted to put their previous knowledge into practice and they discovered themselves assuming brand new roles: they participate as translators, community managers and helping in web design, as well as the SEO positioning of this same page. You never know what surprises come with them, so tasks can always change.

Another neware the Voluntary Projects, which can be carried out during the stay. They are a great opportunity for volunteers. Find more information at JugendInfo .

Now, let them tell you about their experience!

What is the experience of a volunteer in Vienna like?

Volunteers 2022

Volutarios 2022
Carmen voluntaria La Rueda.jpg

I consider myself a very affectionate person, and I love children, when I'm around them I don't feel time passing by.

I was already a teacher in my country and since I arrived here I have not stopped learning about new methodologies and ways of teaching, communicating, playing and enjoying

Amelie voluntaria.jpg
FSJ (1).png

I am very creative and draw my strength from many different things. My greatest passion is singing and writing songs

Jasmin voluntaria.jpg
FSJ (1).png

In my free time, I love artistic gymnastics and I have also been training children of different ages in this sport for about three years. 

Voluntarios 2021

Volunteers 2021

Anna Steinberger.jpg
FSJ (1).png
Qadir khalili.jpg

In my free time I do circus gymnastics (trapeze and acrobatics), I read a lot, I go cycling (also on vacation) and I like to unleash my creativity.

Above all, I like to play football or card or board games with the children. But I also like to dance. The most important thing for me is that the children have fun and enjoy themselves.

Voluntarios de otros años

Our volunteers tell you their experience

Nothing better than seeing our volunteers to get an idea. Alex and Isa tell you a little about their origins, how they decided to take the step and what they found in Vienna.

Voluntariado Viena

Elizabeth Langa,
Partner of the Wheel

Nothing better than seeing our volunteers to get an idea. Alex and Isa tell you a little about their origins, how they decided to take the step and what they found in Vienna.

Voluntaria Kindergruppe Viena

"I really enjoy working with children. Children always give you a reason to smile, even if you don't feel like it at the time. I love seeing how they develop in the time I spend with them. I enjoy every minute of it. During my service, I discovered that learning is mutual. Not only am I trying to bring my values closer to children, but there are many other things that adults can and should learn from children. Every day, children show me how beautiful life is and hardly I evoke a few days that I haven't left work with a smile on my face."


My experience as a volunteer in La Rueda - Vienna

pedagogue assistant


Hello my name is Bente. I am 19 years old and I have been a volunteer in “La Rueda”, through the European Solidarity Corps. After finishing high school, I decided that I would like to use the time to work for a year. My intention was to gain as much experience as possible, grow personally and make sure I chose the right career path.

I was often asked why I did my voluntary service, as a German, in Vienna, and why I didn't go to another country. My answer is always the same, since I immediately liked the "La Rueda" project: so much so that I chose the project regardless of the country. It was clear to me beforehand that my EVS should have something to do with the Spanish language and I am very happy that it worked. Also, I had never been to Austria before and had no idea what the country's capital would be like.

I have always been very interested in working with people. At school I had a lot of fun doing a variety of tasks, such as a tutor or mediator. As a result, she was already very interested in the topic of "pedagogy". This interest was strengthened by my colleagues, who always give me an insight into their pedagogical methods. I also see myself working with children in the future, because they simply fascinate me and I enjoy being part of their development.

I am so grateful to be able to volunteer at La Rueda and grow through every opportunity.


Voluntario Guardería Viena.jpeg

Alex Gomez,

Hi there! I am Álex, I am 18 years old and I came from Barcelona to participate as a volunteer in this Kindergruppe with the motivation of joining a multicultural project like this one, in which children grow up surrounded by understanding, freedom and creativity.

Catalonia, Spain

Pedagogue assistant, translator

From a very young age I have always felt an enormous curiosity about languages and bilingual education (as such, I grew up in a bilingual educational environment in Catalan and Spanish) and that is why I felt attracted to this project, because from the beginning it united cultures and languages together with the development of boys and girls in a pleasant and understanding environment.

Since I arrived in Vienna I have been able to enjoy an open, dedicated and loving environment in Kindergarten that has managed to connect with the boys and girls as well as with my classmates to perfection. Even over time, it has reached a point where I feel like I am constantly learning thanks to what the children share with us, which only motivates me more and more to improve and help where I can. I can only hope that this adventure continues to fill me and teach me until the end.

Our volunteers tell you their experience

Nothing better than seeing our volunteers to get an idea. Alex and Isa tell you a little about their origins, how they decided to take the step and what they found in Vienna.

Raquel voluntaria guardería Viena


"I consider myself an open, close, affectionate and positive person.

Among my passions are children, animals, nature and especially, helping others. I love sports and regularly practice yoga, meditation and cardio. I also like to spend time in nature and go hiking in the mountains."


Hello! My name is Raquel and I am a 30-year-old Spanish girl. I really wanted to learn everything that children can teach us, including German, and to give my best in this project.


Stephanny Volk,

"I consider myself a very understanding and open person, I always try to learn and experience new things. I also really like helping others in whatever way I can.


My passions include swimming, drawing, extreme sports and nature. I also really like to climb mountains."

My experience as a volunteer in La Rueda - Vienna

pedagogue assistant


Hello, my name is Stephanny and I am a girl from Honduras, Central America. Previously, I was part of a Kindergruppe with children from 1 to 6 years old and now I will be volunteering at La Rueda for the next 11 months, I really like spending time with children and learning from them as much as they do from us.

I am very happy to be part of La Rueda and to be able to share with the children, I think I could contribute a lot by teaching Spanish and also teaching the children to do various crafts and to implement their creativity and development.



"I consider myself an affectionate, hard-working, enthusiastic and above all open person, that is, it is not difficult for me to relate to people.

In my free time I am a very active person; I play soccer in two teams (one of a higher category than mine), on the other hand I play percussion in a traditional music group from A Coruña with which I perform in different places. I am also part of a theater group with which we represent several annual plays, in addition to all that I am passionate about sports, drawing while listening to music, going to the movies..."

pedagogue assistant


Being with children is another of the things that I really like; I was this past year as a soccer coach for children between 6 and 7 years old and I felt very comfortable. I also have a very large family, with many little cousins with whom I spend a lot of time.


I think that first of all I could contribute my knowledge of Spanish, since it is my native language and it is something very good for the children's future, I also think that the enthusiasm with which I face this volunteering will be reflected in me and I will bring happiness and joy to children, in addition to being able to interact with them through music or theater.

Galician, Spain

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