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Food at La Rueda - that's how well our children eat!

It is cooked daily for each group, always with fresh seasonal, biological and integral products. You can opt for breakfast, lunch and snack or part-time. See details at Location - Hours - Prices


As we tell our children:

"Alle Kinder setzen sich, wir wollen danken sagen, der Himmel sei dank, der Erde sei dank, wir danken schön für speiße und Trank. Alle Kinder essen mit und sagen guten appetit. Malzeit! Bon appetit!"

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Weekly menu in our kindergartens

The menu is sent every week

Example of a weekly menu

Courgette soup
Pasta with tomato and chickpea sauce

Baked pea soup
Pumpkin rice

Broccoli soup
Parmesan polenta wedges with cucumber salad

Carrot soup
Tomato and mozzarella snails with paprika dip

Vegetable soup
Tater tots with ketchup

Dishes and allergens

At La Rueda we adapt the menu to the season so that the ingredients are healthy, fresh and our dishes respect the environment. Eating local products at the right time helps reduce the environmental impact  of our consumption, we take this very much into account, although sometimes we use more "exotic" ingredients (avocado, tofu orchia )!

In this section we will add the dishes that we tried with the children, so that all parents can consult their ingredients and ask us about their reception in each group. 

Any question or allergy? Don't hesitate to contact us!

our partners

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Cultural exchange in our kindergarten

Our team is made up of people from all over the world. Some come from countries as far away as Peru, Chile or Cuba. Others traveled less kilometers from Spain or Germany. In any case, our workers brought many things to share with them: stories, dances, vocabulary and recipes!

In our kindergarten we value this cultural diversity, which enriches the variety of our menu and helps us understand each other better. Occasionally, children can enjoy something new and exotic for them, trying an omelette, cassava with mojo or vegetarian charquicán.

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