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Food at La Rueda - that's how well our children eat!

We cook daily for each group, always with fresh seasonal, organic and products. We offer breakfast, lunch and snacks.

Check out the details and check out the example template:

Weekly menu

We will update the menu each Sunday in this section. ¡We will remind you on social media!

January 23 to 26 ☃️❄☃️

Soups and main entree:



Zucchini soup with pastina de estrella

Rice, with chickpeas, carrots and vegan sausages.


Broccoli soup with noodles.

Red lentil meatballs, baked with yogurt sauce.


Carrot and celery soup with letter noodles.

Potato omelette with vegetables. 


Clear soup with pancake strips.

Pumpkin strudel, corn and mozzarella cheese.


special snack

Fruit salad and yogurt.

Bon appetit 👩‍🍳💛🧡

Menú semanal
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Any question or allergy? Don't hesitate to contact us!

Dishes and allergens

At La Rueda we adapt the menu to the season so that the ingredients are healthy, fresh and our dishes respect the environment. Eating local products at the right time helps reduce the environmental impact  of our consumption, we take this very much into account, although sometimes we use more "exotic" ingredients (avocado, tofu orchia )!

In this section we will add the dishes that we tried with the children, so that all parents can consult their ingredients and ask us about their reception in each group. 

Patatas de gajo.jpg

potato wedges

A simple and popular dish that we accompany with a homemade golf sauce.  The potatoes are cooked in the oven.


Lisendhal con arroz.jpg

Lisendhal with rice

We will add the ingredient and allergen information here!

Fotos de los platos

potato goulash

Our Vegetarian Goulash substitutes the original ingredients, replacing them with tofu and vegetables. Children especially like it on cold days!

Gulash de patata con tofu.jpg


Our version of this Greek dish includes vegetables of all kinds


Spaetzle with paprika sauce

We have tried this dish with paprika and cheese (Spätzle mit Kässe), the second being the favorite of the little ones.

Polenta para niños.jpg

polenta cubes

This dish has turned out to be a success thanks to its simplicity: it is easy for them to scoop up the pieces with a spoon and they love the tomato sauce that goes with the polenta. 

Polenta cubes 

Croquettes with organic cheese

Little balls stuffed with a delicious dough with cheese? Yes, yes and yes! Children love croquettes and luckily they are easy to count. 

croquetas de patatas.jpg

potato muffins

With muffins, children want to repeat again and again. In the form of a hamburger, it is easy to assemble a plate that combines muffins and vegetables. 


Lasagna with pumpkin

Pasta is a classic that never fails, so we take the opportunity to add lentils or pumpkin in the middle layers.

Lasaña de calabaza.jpg

Nasi Goreng

We will add the ingredient and allergen information here!

nasi Goreng.jpg
Gastronomía multicultural
guiso de garbanzos.jpeg

Chickpea stew

Legumes are essential in any diet, which is why we resort a lot to chickpeas and their variants. In the absence of hummus, well it's a stew!

puré de batata con tofu.jpeg

Mashed sweet potato with tofu

A purée with a slight sweet aftertaste accompanied by chopped tofu and panned to make it slightly crispy

lasaña de lentejas.jpeg

lentil lasagna

Sometimes the pasta can be replaced with eggplant, but children love the more classic version with pasta

Strudel de patatas.jpeg

potato strudel

This Strudel is stuffed with potato and spinach. It can be eaten with the hands, so the little ones appreciate it a lot

our partners

Adamah 3 .jpg
Ja Natürlich.jpg
logo liola (naturkost).jpg

Cultural exchange in our kindergarten

Our team is made up of people from all over the world. Some come from countries as far away as Peru, Chile or Cuba. Others traveled less kilometers from Spain or Germany. In any case, our workers brought many things to share with them: stories, dances, vocabulary and recipes!

In our kindergarten we value this cultural diversity, which enriches the variety of our menu and helps us understand each other better. Occasionally, children can enjoy something new and exotic for them, trying an omelette, cassava with mojo or vegetarian charquicán.

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