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La Rueda Kindergarten

Can you imagine a building in which it is possible to combine work, sport and family life? This was the idea behind the creation of Die Hauswirtschaft, a building where families live, but also businesses and coworking spaces. It is in this wonderful place that we opened our new Kindergarten La Rueda 2.2. 

La Rueda Kindergruppe Wasnegasse


"Lo que somos se lo debemos al afecto. Los días de nuestra existencia ocurren gracias al cariño."

Dalai Lama

Wasnergasse es el primer grupo con el que iniciamos este proyecto de los jardines de infancia, el cual surgió también en medio de la búsqueda de un jardín de infancia bilingüe para nuestro hijo.

Assim tiene hoy 9 años y junto con tres niños mas, fue el iniciador de La Rueda Kindergruppen.

A green multilingual Kindergarten

La Rueda Hauswirtschaft is located in the 2nd district, right next to the Freie Mitte. The Nordbahnviertel district has this large green space as well as numerous children's playgrounds. This will give us the opportunity to go out on a daily basis.


In addition, we are close to the Danube and the Prater Park.  In our Kigru, green pedagogy is a priority and we believe that contact with nature is vital for children.

Groups La Rueda Hauswirtschaft

Our team

This kindergarten consists of a very creative, committed and loving team that cares for and monitors each group according to the concept and quality standards of La Rueda Kindergruppen & Kindergarten.

All groups at La Rueda are coordinated under the direction of our pedagogical director, Ivana Reyero, in close contact with each other for good communication and teamwork.
Nuevos kindergartens Wien (2).jpg

New location,
same concept

La Rueda kindergartens are multilingual,contact with nature andchild oriented.Our concept will be applied in these new centers in district 2.

An area for
educate in green

District 2 gives us the opportunity to visit a myriad ofgreen areasand apply our concept of a childhood in contact with nature. In addition, theurban gardensthat we implement in each center are an ideal tool to delve into green pedagogy. 

kindergarten und Natur (1).jpg
bilinguale kindergarten 20 berzik (2).jpg


He motionIt is essential for children, so we encourage it to the maximum. We participate in the project "Kinder gesund bewegen 2.0" (Keeping children healthy 2.0), supported by the Ministry of Sports: once a week, the focus is on movement and sport for one hour.

we also offersensory integration/motopedagogyin our internal training courses. In addition, we are members of the AKMÖ (Aktionskreis Motopädagogik Österreich). As already mentioned, we go outside whenever possible to practice free play or guided movement games. movement is a medium of expression of the child's personality, which amuses and inspires children.

coworking office

Work, live and coexist in one place. This is the objective pursued by the project Die Hauswirtschaft and explains the presence of our kindergartens in the building, as well as a new coworking office for the Grosses Schiff association. Some of our pedagogic team members are even moving to this area!

nueva zona de trabajo (1).jpg

Schedules and modalities

It is open from Monday to Thursday from 7:00 a.m. to 16:00 and on Fridays from 8:00 a.m. to 15:00.


Come meet us in the 2th district of Vienna

The interior of La Rueda Hauswirtschaft is spacious and bright, with large windows and a terrace. The newly constructed building also has a wonderful system of automated blinds that allow us to turn the room into a quiet place to rest. 

Each room has been designed to suit the time of the routine (morning rounds, lunch, relaxation time, afternoon activities...).

In addition, we have an office inside the building, so that the management and administrative team are close and in continuous communication with the pedagogical team. 
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Do you want to sign up or ask anything?

Check the general info at prices and modalities before please! 😉


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