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Do you want to work in a bilingual Kindergruppe or Kindergarten?

At La Rueda children are valued and encouraged in their curiosity. At the center is the creative spontaneity of each girl / boy and their natural desire to express themselves. The pedagogues  here have the role of companions and guides.

Ivana Reyero , founder and pedagogical director

Active job offers
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Guardería diurna

Spanish-speaking pedagogue


  • Spanish as mother tongue.
    Training / qualification for kindergarten work

Los niños y el maestro en el jardín de infancia

German-speaking pedagogue


  • German as mother tongue.
    Training / qualification to work in kindergartens


Spanish-speaking childcare worker


  • Spanish as mother tongue.
    Training / qualification to work in Kindergruppe


German-speaking childcare worker


  • German as mother tongue.
    Training / qualification to work at Kindergruppe

Meet the current team
Nothing better than putting on a face!

Working philosophy for the pedagogical team

To have a general impression of our working method, at La Rueda we believe in solidarity, brotherhood and creativity. We highlight Dalai Lama´s words, when he assured that affection and love mark our lives. We cannot agree more, and therefore we need people who are willing to give, share and support.

The pedagogues in our kindergartens are usually fluent in Spanish and German, since it is a great advantage when communicating with children. Understanding more than one language is important, although not mandatory. In any case, we try to form a varied team and there is always room for learning.

Most of our kindergroups are vegetarians, and the food is all organic. What is this about? At La Rueda we believe in sustainability and care for the environment , as well as healthy eating. Being a vegetarian is not a requirement, but this and other details conform our identity.


To understand our way of thinking a little better, consult our concept and development , as well as the informative posts referring to the * Montessori Method and * Reggio Pedagogy .

An important mention to the documentation and monitoring tasks, since the work of the pedagogues is not limited to the time inside the kindergarten. It is vitally important to complement portfolios, document activities and reflect on them. We will emphasize this later.

If you think that your profile fits our values, La Rueda offers you the possibility of joining the team in one of our kindergartens. Below we explain our ethics, as well as the requirements that every pedagogue must meet, both professionally and personally.

Professional ethic and social values of La Rueda and Großes schiff

Both our NGO, Großes schiff , and La Rueda kindergartens were conceived as a human system, thought of the other, We believe in community and solidarity. We take into account, among others, the following values:

  • Gratitude

  • Recognition

  • Giving back

  • Compensation

  • Gratification

  • Fellowship, camaraderie, fraternity.

  • Support, adherence, loyalty.

Common goals

Following our values, we seek to consolidate a team that enjoys working in company with each other. We work together to achieve the following goals:

  • Joint growth and development

  • The common good

  • Contribute and build together

Characteristics of our staff

We are looking for and want a workforce that:

  • Respects and upholds the professional ethics of your directors.

  • Identifies with the concept and philosophy of work

  • Adheres and supports these social values, mentioned above, as well as the concept, philosophy and work policy.

  • Lives for the collective common good.

  • Is willing to carry out those less desirable tasks, such as creating portfolios

Goals as a pedagogue or pedagogue in La Rueda

From a social point of view, which includes children, their families, colleagues and job managers:

  • Create an empathetic and genuine space.

  • A place thought of the other, where the other feels recognized, valued, accepted.

  • A space where exchange is prioritized or prioritized, the feeling of hospitality

Day to day requirements:

What do we expect and need from our pedagogues?

At La Rueda, we need pedagogues who contribute and develop a creative pedagogical proposal meeting the following requirements:

  • That he/she organize a space where in the first instance he sings, dances, creates and explores. The ideal pedagogue prepares and arranges the body for play, movement and spontaneity.

  • That they provide a pedagogical proposal open and flexible enough to leave room for spontaneity and improvisation. The creative proposal must be open enough so that the child does not feel limited, just the opposite: that he explore, discover, give free rein to his imagination.

  • Documenting the activities and development of children based on observations boxes and pre - designed portfolios

  • That he manages to make magic happen with some recycled, homemade and natural materials: be surprised and surprise us.

  • That does not matter the performance or the effectiveness of a final result, but the mere fact of finalizing it.

  • Pedagogues who develop their potential with genuine vitality and empathy: marveling at each other. That works well as a team.

  • That from the didactic point of view a non-behavioral method is thought and promoted.

  • That he conceives teaching as a way of learning.

  • That they are equally committed to our educational approach and educational quality at work.

  • That they are moved and identified with our concept and pedagogical approach as well as our work philosophy.

Documentation and monitoring tasks

In La Rueda, the groups have 14 boys and girls. In a small group like this, it is possible to have personal contact and follow the evolution of each child. In fact, we consider it a very important part of the job as a pedagogue in our gardens. These tasks are mainly 4:

  • The children's folders (Portfolio): we work with folders of documentation of child development and we have our own model, created and developed by ourselves according to our line of interests in pedagogical work with children. We have also developed our own table of observations, in German and Spanish, work that is linked to the preparation of talks with parents on child development (Entwicklungsgespräche). We do it once a year, based on the chronology of your birthday.

  • The pedagogical activities: the activities must be recorded in a file, following the model.

  • Reflection: it is important that the activities are accompanied by a personal reflection on the experience of its implementation with children.

  • Projects: We work on projects throughout the year, which facilitates joint (team) pedagogical work and documentation.

    If you agree with us and you are interested, do not hesitate to contact us!

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