Isabel Langa Fernández,

Graduated in Commerce and Marketing, specialist in Digital Marketing

" I have always been told that I am very energetic, a restless person, as my mother would say. It is true; I love to play, travel and keep being busy. Whether it is learning languages, doing crafts or playing sports, I have always had an active and healthy lifestyle.


In my house, the shelves are full of books and the walls completely covered by drawings. In my opinion, growing does not mean letting go of your inner child, and creativity always occupies an important place in our development, even as adults "

Asturias, España

My experience as a volunteer at La Rueda - Vienna

Teaching assistant, website and social media management


My name is Isabel, I am just 22 years old and I am graduated in Commerce and Marketing. What am I doing working with children, then? Good question. When I finished my studies I asked myself what I wanted to do from that moment on and somehow I ended up choosing a volunteering. I think this experience is going to help me decide about my future, so I decided to get here, willing to learn and contribute as much as I can.

As for my origins, I come from Spain, from the north. Asturias is a rainy region, very different from the typical Spanish stereotype. Our culture is a bit like the Scottish (surprise!), With some particularities that I would love to share. My goal when I came was to get to know Vienna and Austria in general better, maybe even mastering the language at the end of the volunteering: it is still a challenge!

I have been at La Rueda with the Klosterneuburgerstrasse Team for 7 months and it has been a very enriching experience. I started in September, the same month that this group was formed. This means that I got fully involved in the process of opening a new kindergarten, with all its advantages and disadvantages: the children and I shared the same degree of confusion regarding how to behave towards each other. Luckily, my colleagues are great and in a few days I felt comfortable. I have developed a very deep connection with the kids, partly due to this situation of starting at the same time, so I can proudly declare that our children are the best.

During this time I have become very interested in pedagogy, learning a little more every day. I have also been able to apply the knowledge of my career during this volunteering, since I am helping to remodel the web pages and the social networks of this institution: the tasks are as diverse as they are interesting!

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