Volunteering at La Rueda kindergartens

La Rueda gives you the opportunity to join the European Solidarity Corps, either by participating in a foreign project or as a volunteer in our kindergartens.


First of all, what is this project about? The EU proposes this initiative as a way for young people to collaborate on projects for the benefit of the community. In other words, young people between 18 and 30 years old can go on an adventure - national or international - to learn, contribute and develop personally. With a maximum duration of 12 months, the projects offer a wide range of possibilities: different themes, countries and concepts. Research on the European Youth Portal !

La Rueda - sending association of the European Solidarity Corps

Contact us by email with your personal request

La Rueda - European Solidarity Corps host association

Volunteer application process

At La Rueda we welcome up to 4 volunteers annually. Perhaps you have been interested in the city of Vienna, our concept or education in general. In any case, if you are interested in collaborating with La Rueda, helping the pedagogue team, you just have to follow this process:

  1. Apply through E + Round Trip , remember to mention Großes Schiff as the "partner" who recommended you!

  2. Send us your CV and a motivation letter: what brings you here? Experience with the little ones? Do you speak german or Spanish?

That would be enough, good luck and nice to meet you!

The tasks of the volunteer in La Rueda

La Rueda volunteers accompany and help pedagogues in their day to day. As auxiliaries, they do not have direct responsibilities or participate in planning, but instead they have the opportunity to carry out their own creative projects. In other words, they come to tell us about their culture and experiences, helping out in kindergartens and learning as much as they can about the language and way of doing things here.

This last year, our volunteers wanted to put their previous knowledge into practice and they discovered themselves assuming brand new roles: they participate as translators, community managers and helping in web design, as well as the SEO positioning of this same page. You never know what surprises come with them, so tasks can always change.

Another neware the Voluntary Projects, which can be carried out during the stay. They are a great opportunity for volunteers. Find more information at JugendInfo .

Now, let them tell you about their experience!

Our volunteers tell you their experience

Nothing better than seeing our volunteers to get an idea. Alex and Isa tell you a little about their origins, how they decided to take the step and what they found in Vienna.

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