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Rounds of songs and games for babies in Spanish

These game rounds were designed for Spanish-speaking families in the city of Vienna. They take place once a week, taught by Ivana Reyero , pedagogical director of the Spanish-German bilingual groups La Rueda. The objective is to interact with the little ones and their parents, encouraging the babies with songs and activities in Spanish . In this way, they become familiar with the minority language , as well as having a good time with their loved ones and other children in the same situation.


In the video you can see the WUK , the cultural center where we carry out this and other children's workshops, a wonderful place where cultural exchange prevails. We also show you bits of our rounds, where dads, moms, grandparents and other family members enjoy this hour dedicated to the boy or girl. In the current situation, the groups have been reduced , but you can always contact us without obligation for more information. The courses are usually semester, being possible to integrate once started.


We'll be waiting for you!

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